Hosting on a Custom Domain


This section only applies to folks who have signed up for one of Buttondown's paid plans.

There's no security, performance, or product-level benefit from hosting your newsletter on a custom domain. But, I think we all have to admit it — it's a little bit cooler. is simply a cooler and perhaps even more impressive domain than or

And there's nothing wrong with that! if you want to establish your newsletter as an independent entity, not simply a "Buttondown newsletter", setting up a custom domain on which to host it makes a lot of sense.

Setting up your custom hosting domain

  • If you're not signed up for either the Standard or Professional plan, go ahead and upgrade your account!
  • Add a custom email under Email address, set to
  • Add the custom domain in your Domain page.

A screenshot of the custom domain modal.
A screenshot of the custom domain modal.

Note that the hosting domain should be a custom subdomain, such as [](, and that the sending domain should be The sending domain should match the custom email you have set.

  • Once you have changed the hosting domain, the text box will prompt you to change the CNAME record of the domain you'd like to use as your custom domain and provide you with a CNAME that ends with that you'll need to change with your DNS provider.

Using a subdomain of

This isn't possible to do in the UI, but there are no technical limitations. Email me and I'll get it wired up for you!

The difference between hosting domains and sending domains

Hosting on a custom domain means using a domain outside of to host your newsletter and archives — for example, or

Sending from a custom domain means setting up your DNS records so that Buttondown sends outgoing emails from your domain, improving reputation and delivery metrics.

Hosting requires you sign up for either the Standard or Professional plan; sending does not. This is because, well, sending emails that actually get delivered is pretty dang important, and it's scummy to hide that behind a paywall.

Can I use the same domain for hosting and sending?

Unfortunately, some DNS providers will not let you set up the exact same domain or subdomain for both sending emails and as your custom archive.

For these DNSes, we recommend setting up completely separate subdomains — something along the lines of the following:

  • []( for your custom newsletter domain (where folks view archives and subscribe to your newsletter)
  • []( for your custom sending domain (where outgoing emails come from)

This is the best option to preserve the deliverability of your newsletter (and, frankly, most people are not particularly confused by this at all.)