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Reaching the free tier's cap

Buttondown is free for your first hundred subscribers and requires a small monthly fee for more than that, because sending emails and running servers ain't cheap! (You can read more on our pricing page.)

That being said, it would be awful if you suddenly hit a hundred subscribers and didn't have a chance to register a credit card and so additional subscribers would be shown the door — that doesn't happen! You can continue to accrue subscribers past a hundred, you just can't send any emails to them until you fill out your billing information.


Does Buttondown offer a non-profit discount?

Yes! Buttondown is half off for registered non-profits. Email me and I'll get you set up.

Does Buttondown offer an annual discount?

Yes! Two months free every year with an annual purchase. Email me and I'll get you set up.

If Buttondown changes prices at some point, am I able to keep my current price?

Yup. You will never have to pay more suddenly just because I want to experiment with price segmentation.