Buttondown is a labor of love, and I'm deeply indebted to all the folks who have helped along the way: whether its sharing Buttondown (I have no paid marketing, and rely on word of mouth!) or suggesting a feature or supplying a bug report.

(Think your name should be on this list? You're probably right! Email me and I'll get it added.)

Shep WalkerFor many, many reasons, but mostly for being a good sounding board.
Ethan RodaySuggesting (and bearing with me for the implementation of) allowing auto-tag application based on query parameters.
Lee RobinsonProviding a few bug reports within analytics.
Michael LeeProviding a number of bug reports and useful pieces of feedback.
Craig ModSaying an _awful_ lot of nice things about Buttondown.
Tim CondonAlerting me to an issue where a deleted newsletter was showing up in SERPs
Jamie ThingelstadLots of bug reports and useful feature ideas over the years