Buttondown is a labor of love, and I'm deeply indebted to all the folks who have helped along the way: whether its sharing Buttondown (I have no paid marketing, and rely on word of mouth!) or suggesting a feature or supplying a bug report.

(Think your name should be on this list? You're probably right! Email me and I'll get it added.)

Shep WalkerFor many, many reasons, but mostly for being a good sounding board.
Ethan RodaySuggesting (and bearing with me for the implementation of) allowing auto-tag application based on query parameters.
Lee RobinsonProviding a few bug reports within analytics.
Michael LeeProviding a number of bug reports and useful pieces of feedback.
Craig ModSaying an _awful_ lot of nice things about Buttondown.
Tim CondonAlerting me to an issue where a deleted newsletter was showing up in SERPs
Jamie ThingelstadLots of bug reports and useful feature ideas over the years
Sumana HarihareswaraA number of thorough bug reports and sensible feature requests. (Also, the world's greatest cowriting companion imaginable.)
James BakerA number of bug reports with extremely clear reproduction steps
Dan NordquistAdding documentation on the list of active smart Markdown embeds
Dan StarnerPointing me towards a way to share Heroku addons between apps
Brendan SchlagelProviding feedback on the beta branch of the new writing interface
Ashley TeohProviding feedback on the beta branch of the new writing interface
Anton SotkovFixing a broken link and a bad JSON sample in the documentation
Jay CuthrellIdentifying a bug with Open Graph parsing
Casey WattsIncredibly thorough friction logging
Ajit PanigrahiFixing a broken link in the docs site
Andrew StiefelContributing a guest essay on Netlify
Rias Van der VekenImproving documentation for Mailcoach
Predrag GruevskiFixing a malformed link inside a documentation page
Daniel ComptonUpdating a link in the documentation to a more relevant page
Floris JansenSuggesting more options in the Google Analytics Alternatives guide
Predrag GruevskiReporting a security vulnerability
Peter DownsAdvising on database performance
Al IversonConsulting on email deliverability best practices
M.J. HoagReporting broken links on the marketing site
Vicki BoykisImproving documentation for setting up custom domains
Justin GageJust an absolute mountain of feedback, bug reports, and good suggestions
Robert KingettReporting and improving a number of accessibility issues