If you've got a non-trivial number of subscribers or emails, you'll almost certainly need to paginate through them at some point.

Buttondown's API uses number-based pagination: you'll need to specify the page number you want to retrieve with the page query parameter. Like so:

$ curl GET

(If you don't specify a page, we'll assume you want the first page.)

Additionally, responses that can be paginated always include a next field that contains the URL for the next page of results. If you're on the last page, the next field will be null. This looks something like the following:

"count": 100,
"next": "",
"previous": "",
"results": [

This means that you can easily paginate through results by following the next field until it's null. Here's an example in JavaScript:

const fetchSubscribers = async () => {
let subscribers = [];
let next = "";
while (next) {
// Note that authentication is not handled in this code snippet,
// for clarity's sake!
const response = await fetch(next);
const data = await response.json();
subscribers = subscribers.concat(data.results);
next =;
return subscribers;