Teamwork makes the dream work—especially if your dream is to send out a top-notch newsletter! Buttondown’s “Teams” tool is for anyone who wants to turn their newsletter into a group project. Whether you’re looking to bring in a proofreading pro, a CSS expert, or an admin enthusiast, Buttondown makes it easy to invite friends and colleagues to join in on the fun of writing, styling, and managing your newsletter.

Getting Started

Here’s what you’ll need to create your team:

  • A paid Buttondown subscription. The “Teams” tool is a paid feature—visit our pricing page to learn more about upgrading!

  • A username, email address, author name, and description for your newsletter. Our “Registration & Setup” guide will help you get your newsletter up and running!

Everybody on board? Great. Let’s get to work.

Building Your Team

Invite new teammates

Start by scrolling to the “Team” section at the very bottom of your Buttondown settings. Click “Invite Colleagues” and enter your teammate’s email address.

At this point, you’ll be able to determine the permissions you’ll allow your teammate to have when it comes to your subscriber base, your email archives, your administrative settings, and your CSS settings. Use the “None” button if you’d prefer to keep certain aspects of your newsletter to yourself (after all, who doesn’t love a good mystery?). If you want your teammates to be in the know, but not make any changes, then the “Read” button is for you. And last, but not least, the “Read & Write” button is for giving your teammates full access to editing, managing, or styling your newsletter.

Once you’ve determined your teammate’s permissions, go ahead and click “Invite” to make it official!

Confirm new teammates

After you’ve invited your teammate, they’ll receive a notification email like this…

Your teammate can click through the link in this notification email to accept your invitation. If they already have a Buttondown account, they’ll be directed to sign in with their username and password. If they don’t have an account, a free account will be automatically created for them.

When your teammate’s all settled in, they’ll be able to dive right in to working on your newsletter. At this time, you’ll also see their status change from “Pending” to “Accepted” in the “Team” section of your settings.

Woohoo! Your Buttondown team just got a little bit bigger. Go ahead, add as many teammates as you like—the sky’s the limit! Just note that no matter how many teammates are collaborating on your newsletter, your “Author” name will stay the same. You can always change your “Author” name in your “General” settings.

Edit teammates' permissions

We’re working on adding a way for you to edit your teammates’ permissions. In the meantime, we recommend that you revoke your teammate’s permissions and then re-invite them with updated permissions. How do you revoke your teammate’s permissions, you may ask? Read on to find out!

Revoke teammates' permissions

Stuff happens! If someone’s not being a team player, you can revoke their access to your newsletter. To do this, head back to the “Team” section of your settings, and click the three dots next to your teammate’s email. Select “Revoke,” and your teammate’s permissions will update immediately.

Toggle between multiple newsletters

If you’re on a team or two, you might be juggling several newsletters at once. But have no fear! Buttondown makes it easy to jump from one newsletter to another.

If you'd like to switch gears, click on the newsletter name in the upper left hand corner. From here, you’ll be able to choose your own adventure—or rather, newsletter!

Want to learn more about adding new newsletters to your account? Our doc on “Managing Multiple Newsletters” is the best place to go.