Buttondown has two ways of segmenting subscribers who might want to receive different content:

  • Using one newsletter, but having subscribers tag themselves into different groups.
  • Creating multiple separate newsletters.

Using Tags

Subscribers can opt into different tags when they subscribe (via Buttondown URL or embedded HTML form), but they can't remove themselves from a tag. The unsubscribe link unsubscribes them from the newsletter entirely.

However, since these subscribers are under the same newsletter, you can easily send the same email to a combination of tags that might be interested.

Using Multiple Newsletters

You can create multiple newsletters in Buttondown. Each newsletter has a completely separate list of subscribers, and a completely separate archive.

When a subscriber clicks the unsubscribe link at the bottom of one newsletter, they'll stay subscribed to your other newsletters.

However, there's no easy way to send an email to a combination of newsletters. People who are subscribed to multiple newsletters of yours will receive duplicate emails if you copy the same content and send it to multiple newsletters.