Affiliate program

Buttondown operates purely on word-of-mouth marketing; there are no paid ads or sponsored content or anything like that. Besides the warm feeling in my heart (and most certainly yours), there’s a great reason to spread the good word about Buttondown: the affiliate program!

Buttondown offers an affiliate program for you to recommend Buttondown to your audience while recurring a recurring 25% commission on all customers you send our way. It's easy to get set up:

  • Sign up for Buttondown. Hopefully this one is easy — you should be using Buttondown to promote it, after all! Understanding what Buttondown offers as a tool and how it can help your audience is key.
  • Share Buttondown with your audience. You can find this in your settings page, but your affiliate link is<your-account-username>. You can share this link with your audience; it'll set a cookie and redirect them to the main splash page.
  • Sit back and wait for an email. I'm manually sending remittances at the moment, so I'll reach out to you once you have payouts ready! (I will automate this at some point, I promise.)

You can view any referrals you've sent our way in your settings page. You can also view your affiliate link in your settings page.